Hi There!

I am Ankur Agrawal.

A guy with a vast spectrum of interest exploring life and world to the fullest. I have a special interest in philosophy, history, science, technology, business, investing, stocks, politics, and building an Online Business.

I am gathering a portfolio of new skills from sites like Udemy and learning cool new stuffs from YouTube channels like Crash Course by John and Hank Green.

I am also big on self-development. For that, I am reading books constantly. Be it Rich Dad Poor Dad, 4-hour-workweek or The Big Magic by Liz Gilbert, I am doing it all. I am also taking help from this guy on YouTube. His name is Stefan and he is also big on Self-Development. I like his methods and way of thinking about Life.

My PRIMARY PURPOSE for creating this website is to help myself learn faster, arrange my thoughts and become a better version of myself. This blog will also help me to explore myself and my interests.

If you are also an exciting, curious and open-minded person like me, then Welcome to my site. You can find here about everything that I learn and do. Places I go, People I meet, thoughts I think and everything else.

I write about them on the blog section of this website. Comm’on over there. Let’s have an enriching & interesting conversation.

You can also connect me on social media. I am quite active on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora

Thanks for visiting my site. It’s a wonderful time to be alive.

Have a great day!