Difference Between Personal & Business Manager Ad Account

So, this is the Summary of Video 3 that was posted today in 20-Day Ads Challenge that I am a part of.

Difference Between Personal & Business Manager Ad Account

Personal Ad Account

• Created from your profile.
• Has option of creating many pages.
• Gets you only one Ad Account.
• No option of Adding Users. You’ve to share Your Username & Password and give them full access to data you might not want them to see.
• You run a risk of losing all your data, both the Ads and Profile data, even if Facebook finds anything against its policy in any one of your Ads which are not related to your other pages or profile.

Business Manager Ad Account (Recommended)

• Can Create a lot of Ad Accounts. Separate account for separate type of businesses like Dropshipping, POD, blog etc.
• Can Create a lot of pages.
• Has option of adding a lot of Users and more importantly restricting their access to only data that you want them to see.
• No risk of losing all Ad Account data due to any specific page’s Ad. Only those Ad Account will get affected who have breached FB Ads Policy. Not all.
• No risk of losing your Personal Profile.

This Challenge is turning out to be way awesome than I had imagined. It was an Upsell of #OnlineMillionaireSummit that happened just a few days ago. If You also want to be a part of it, Come join here with my affiliate link and get special guidance and support from me.


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