Goal Setting For next 3 months

This is my Goal Setting for next 3 months i.e. December 2018, January 2019 and Febuary 2019:-

I am trying to build an Online Business which will help me generate money remotely and then eventually, passively. I have found out that there are basically 4 steps to build an online business:

  1. Skill Acquisition
  2. Content Production
  3. Marketing it
  4. Monetizing it.

My current focus is on Skills Acquisition and a little bit of Content production. Since I am from a completely different academic background I currently do not have any technical skills for building an online business.

First I need to get as much information as possible about how online buisnesses work. Learn all the technicalities and mechanics behind it. Learn about different Business models that exists. Take actions,fail, make mistakes, do trial and errors and go through the suck phase of learning curve.

(In suck phase basically you suck at everything. You are a noob. You don't know anything. This suck phase is very painful but you get better as you go through it.)

So, for this, I will Binge Watch all the Udemy courses that I have bought. I will take actions alongside that is super important. But I will not focus too much on the quality of those actions. This is initial phase and I know that my content will suck. I will focus on getting the task completed rather than making the task perfect.

By the end of Feb 19 i.e. 28-Feb-19 I should achieve following:

Phase 1

So, phase 1 will be take courses after courses

  • Bizathon 1 Ritoban In this challenge he builds an entire e-mail business from scratch. I need to watch it fully to learn how stuffs work online.
  • Udemy Fiverr: I have already got my first translation gig up and running on fiverr. I need to binge watch this course to get an overview of how things work on fiverr.
  • Udemy Canva: I bought this course to learn some basic designing skills. With all these internet business going on, this is one of the crucial and in-demand skills to have. On top of it Canva is free to use. I need to improve my skills greatly at it. Also, if I get good at it I can start offering designing skills on Fiverr.
  • Udemy Blogging: Great course to get my fundamentals clear on wordpress, blogging and basic marketing. Again could use this skills to sell gigs on Fiverr.
  • Udemy Copywriting: I want to improve my copywriting skills. This is also a great skill I could sell on Fiverr.

Phase 2

Start Practicing the skills and get better at it. Put out content on my blog. Help other people for free at first. Watch all the courses once again.

Phase 3

Start Offering gigs on Fiverr with all my newly acquired skills and get started on making money online.

Phase 4

Approach Potential Partners online or offline. Showcase them what I have created and achieved and try to strike an impressive partnership deal and move further ahead in that way. Or I could just scale up my online business myself.


I will use Stefan as role model & Motivation throughout this journey. Use him as my accountability buddy. Also this blog post will serve as my commitment to achiveing the above goals else I will look like an idiot.

I will update on this goal first week on every month.

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