My Online Business BluePrint

This BluePrint is in increasing order of difficulty and investment.

Fundamental stock trading which is trading based on news and fundamentals.

Skills aquisition and then freelancing out them independently or through sites like Fiverr.

Audience Building and then making money by selling ad space and recommending products to that audience (affliate marketing). There are also tons of others ways to derive value from this audience. I can do this alongside Skill aquisition just as a hobby & to try things out.

Kindle Publishing. Investing the money made through freelancing in this business model. Going through Stefan’s K money Mastery (which I already have), taking the help of either Jyotsna (who has already done what I want to do) or full disclosure membership or both. 

After scaling my Kindle publishing business. I can branch out to even bigger online business models. Business like Shopify Dropshipping. I can use Ritoban’s channel to learn all of it. He is already succesful at it.

Next thing would be to take the Amazing Selling Machine course of $5000 and start an Amazon FBA business. Again, I should go through Stefan’s affiliate link because he gives out a lot of goodies and helps his customer succeed. Also, he is already successful at it.

In the end when I have made a considerable amount of money I could buy a no. of courses like Stefan’s affiliate marketing course, pat’s podcast course, Anik’s Inbox Blueprint etc. and make money that way.

The Key thing here is to start small. Make the investment of time and hard work if I don’t have a lot of money to invest and then just keep reinvesting the money into slightly bigger and better business models.

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  1. Stefan, the digital millionaire, has surely inspired you a lot…. I think I won’t be wrong if I said that you look upto him as an inspiration…..

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