Online Business Strategy

Suppose I think a lot and come up with content after content, Ideas after Ideas of great quality about my niches and post them in appropriate places where the appropriate audience for that content are there and will see them.

This would definitely give me eyeballs, authority and prestige in the eyes of that audience. In other words, this will give me traffic.

Traffic that I didn't spend money on. Traffic that already TRUSTS me, sees me as an authority, believes in me and is ready to purchase in any idea, product or service that I might have to offer.

This will be one hell of a Quality traffic and I can then find creative ways to monetize (or take value) from this traffic.


I mean I just have to find the right people for the right topic on the internet. And it is so easy to find people on the internet. I mean all the eyeballs in the world are on the internet. People spend an awful amount of time online now. Particularly on social media.

So yeah that is what my strategy is going to be to generate traffic for any of my future websites or even this website.


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