Today’s Online Millionaire Summit Update

I have resolved to start my day with the Mindset Video that Mubaid had posted. The summary of which I have shared yesterday.


Reminded myself Success is only 20% Skill and 80% mindset. If I continue making the same mistakes and continue the same behaviour I did in the past, I could be pretty sure to get the same results in the Future, which is just dabbling around videos and information and going nowhere.

Made a list of mistakes my Past self was making and visualized my Ideal Self not repeating those same mistakes again. I also Visualized the struggle my Ideal Self has to go through to correct those mistakes.

Visualized my Ideal Self Succeeding as FB Ads Marketeer and as a profitable seller on My Dream Store. (My Dream Store is a platform for selling T-Shirts Online.)

Visualized My Ideal Self working his ass off to learn the skill of Facebook Advertising. Putting in those hours even though I am facing all the difficulties. Even though my mind is yelling you will fail at this.

Watched “How to start a campaign on MDS” Video


Created my MDS Account.

Checked out all tabs under Seller’s Dashboard. It was only showing the Buyer’s dashboard, I got to Seller’s Dashboard by copying the link in the tutorial video.

Filled out details in Payouts tab & Address tab. Researched about Google Analytics Tracking Id and Facebook Pixel under Campaign tab.

Applied for MDS exclusive access to OMS attendees.

Watched Avinash Babu Print on Demand Tutorial (upto 33:00)


Checked out Avinash Katta’s Digital Marketing Training Institute in Hyderabad named Digital Brolly

Learned that there are basically infinite no. of ways in which one can earn money online.

Learned about 7 popular ways people make money online:

  1. By Creating Content of any form. Text, Video, audio, images anything and generating a following and then serving ads to them.
  2. Affliate Marketing: Recommending good products to that following and earning a commission.
  3. Selling Services (Freelancing) on sites like Fiverr. Services could be logo designing, basic search engine optimization, content writing, proofreading, copywriting, social media accounts managing and a thousand other things.
  4. Ecommerce: Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, Kindle Publishing etc.
  5. Selling Digital Products (Courses, softwares, apps etc.)
  6. Sponsored Ads, Influencer Marketing (Direct Ads or tie-up offers from Company)
  7. Print On Demand. Selling T-Shirts on platforms like teespring and MyDreamStore.

Learned about 7 ways to drive traffic to your online business.

  1. Direct Search in Search bar. (Organic traffic)
  2. Refferal: User visiting your site from any other website
  3. SEO/ Search Engine Optimation: Your website ranking for a specific keyword in Google search results.
  4. SEM/ Search Engine Marketing: You running ads for specific keywords in Google using Google Adwords
  5. SMO/ Social Media Optimization: User follows your social media page and your contents shows in their feed organically.
  6. SMM/ Social Media Marketing: You running ads on Social Media Platforms for a targeted audience.
  7. Email Marketing: User given their Email address to you and you sending regular emails to them. This is basically traffic on demand.

Learned Difference between Print on Demand & Dropshipping. POD is you as a seller on an Ecomm. Company while Dropshipping is you running your own Ecomm. Company.

Learned that Avinash Babu who is one of the Top Seller on My Dream Store, started initially with teespring, failed, borrowed his friend’s credit card & tried on MDS.

Learned that on Facebook When everybody is targeting & competing for the same audience the CPC or cost per click increases. Similarly on Google when everybody is trying to rank for the same keyword the Adword cost increases.

Learned that when Selecting Niches for POD, 3 things can happen:

  1. Your Niche doesn’t work. You discontinue.
  2. Your Niche works. You keep selling.
  3. Your Niche works but something bad happens like FB hammers your targeting, there are copyright claims etc.

This is why you should keep exploring niches and never stop at one.

Pheeew!! That’s it!!

I learned all of this today. The reason I am listing it out all here is because sometimes it is so easy to be making progress but having no idea, no awareness of it whatsoever.

I am listing it out here to remind myself that this time I am taking Actions. I am pausing videos and doing what was taught. That I am growing, learning and improving.

Writing it down here also gets it revised in my brain. And makes me pay more attention rather than just passively watch videos after videos like I used to do before.

I have watched upto 33 mins. Time. Will watch the remaining tomorrow.

See you soon…

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