Paradox of Scarcity and Abundance

Everybody has got only 24 hours in a day. Two hands and two legs.

One cannot watch every movie, read every book, invent every business and produce everything. Even the multi-billionaires can’t do it. They can’t have it all.

As a human being, we have certain limits to what we can achieve or use individually.

We have a set no. of hours in a day. And we try to make the best use of that scarce (limited) resource.

And this is very good. It is brilliant. Because of this scarcity, we need to co-operate. This is why jobs exist in the world. No matter how good you are at something, beyond a certain limit you are going to need the help of other human beings if you want to do something big. You can’t make yourself better off without making the other person better off. That’s the rule set by nature.

And this is why we live in a world of abundance. There is plenty of jobs, of all sorts; businesses, ideas, good stocks, beautiful girls (seriously! one guy can’t have all of them out there) floating around that everyone can have their share of it.

That is one good paradox of scarcity and abundance. We have abundance because of our scarce resources and limited time.

We have an abundant world because no single person can have everything.

And because no single person can have everything, it leaves plenty of things available to be consumed or used by everyone else.

This is why scarcity gives birth to abundance.

This is a little deep concept to fully understand. You might have to read it twice. Ponder over it for a couple of minutes. But it is an astonishing concept. I just understood it myself and decided to share it with the world.

If you do happen to understand it, then make sure to share your thoughts on it below in the comments. Your comments mean a lot to me.

Have a great day ahead!


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