The Power of Visualization

If you want to wake up at 5 AM But you can’t then just imagine yourself waking up at 5 AM every day.

And here is the trick don’t just imagine the results imagine the struggles too.

So today I was watching the 2nd Video Of 20-Day-FB-Ads challenge that I have joined. And in this video Mubaid has beautifully taught us about the power of Visualization.

I am seeing a pattern here. This Visualization stuff must be working very effectively because the same thing has been recommended again and again by my mentor Stefan also.

You can see him recommending that in this video. He says to fake waking up early every day.

So here is the summary of the 2nd Video in 20 days FB ads challenge that I just watched:

Past = Present

Present = Future

Future = Past (if you don’t do anything different)

Whatever situation you’re in right now, whatever your present situation is, it is the result of all your past Actions. That is why Past = Present.

Whatever action you will take today in your present that will determine your future. So, Present = Future

And if you don’t do anything different from what you’ve done in the past, Rest assured your Future will look very similar to your past i.e. Future = Past

Your Mind has data about your past self it has no data about your future self. This is where your ideal self enters the picture.

See –> Believe –> Achieve

We cannot achieve something unless we believe in it. And we cannot believe something unless we see it. That is why You’ve to keep visualizing (Seeing) your Ideal-self achieving and doing whatever you want to achieve and do.

Want to wake up at 5 AM in the morning? Imagine your Ideal-self waking up at 5 AM. Do this 5 times, 10 times, 100 times a day.

Want to make money online by Print on Demand & FB ads? Imagine your Ideal-self making Money Online by Print on Demand & FB Ads.

And since our mind cannot distinguish between imagination & reality you will be waking up @ 5 AM 100 times in a day.

And here is the biggest trick. Don’t just imagine the end results Imagine the Struggles your Ideal-self had to go through to achieve those results.

I particularly loved this point. Because I’ve tried Visualization before too but did not imagine the struggles my Ideal Self had to go through to reach a point where he is getting the good results. This little extra technique makes the Visualization very close to reality.

I have made a word document listing what my Ideal Self’s day will look like. How he will wake up every day, exercise, and then master FB ads and create a successful Print on Demand business.

And I will read and Visualize that at least 2 times a day.

Thanks Mubaid for the motivating Video!!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Visualization”

  1. Wow!!! That was fascinating to read…. Every successful person in the world, without any exception, has always sincerely visualised and vividly dreamt about his passion turning successful….. So it’s an established human mind fact…..

    1. Yes Ramanna Indeed!! You wouldn’t believe I took some massive Actions with this technique yesterday and today I was able to wake up at 5:45 AM without an alarm first time in the last 12 months or so. I don’t fucking know how it works but strangely it does.

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