The Primary Purpose of this website

I believe it would be prudent for me to state my primary purpose here for creating this website.

My PRIMARY purpose for creating this website is NOT to make money. My primary purpose for building this website is not even to drive a lot of traffic to this website. Actually, I do want to drive traffic and make money but that is not the PRIMARY purpose.

The primary purpose for me for creating this website is to better myself.


See, I believe that the person creating the post or the article also benefits a lot. In fact, I believe that it is the person that has created the art that benefits the most. As Marshall McLuhan says "We build the tool and then the tool builds us".

I believe this blog could be a wonderful way for me to arrange my thoughts. Reach out to other people on the internet. Showcase my thoughts and reflect on them at different stages in my life.

And I also feel that by reading the content of this blog a lot of other people who share the same thought process as mine will benefit as well. This way I can develop a great friendship with my audience at the same time serving and providing value to them.

That is what the primary purpose of this website is. It is a way for me to talk with myself.



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