Things I’ve learned in last 10 years!

I just watched Stefan's 2019 Goals report. And that got me thinking about my own life and what I've done and achieved over these years. I started taking my life seriously at 16 years of age when I just entered 11th Standard. I am on a path to self-development since that time.

So, what did I find??

  1. I found that I've changed myself beyond recognition. I found that I've expanded my mind, my vision really really big.
  2. My greatest achievement is to break out of the traditional, laid-out, set way of life i.e. School<College<Job<Marriage<Kids<Retire<Die
  3. My greatest achievement is to learn to question the authority. Learn to develop independent thinking. Trusting my intuition and judgement no matter what the traditional view is about the subject.
  4. I've explored and found unbelievable ways of making money and enjoying life at the same time. Not that work 9 to 5, 30 years straight, working and developing somebody's else brand and business kind of way.
  5. I've learned how the Humanity and the Earth have got to where they are today.
  6. I've learned a great deal about investing and the mindset behind it. 
  7. I've learned what money actually is and what the REAL money is. I've learned that you could be poor having 3 crores worth of property and rich with just 582K.
  8. I've learned how to think, why to think and what to think. I've learned how to ask the right questions.
  9. I've learned what Actually matters in this world and what doesn't. What Actually makes a person successful and what doesn't. It's the Mindset! Not the Technical stuff but the Mindset.
  10. I've learned the Basics of Economics.
  11. I've read Liz Gilbert's "The Big Magic"
  12. I've learned how finishing things matter more than perfecting things. How getting started is important than over-analysing.
  13. I've learned how crucial the support of other people is. How being angry and complaining doesn't help you at all.
  14. I've learned to what degree writing and documenting THE TIME can help you. This has been MASSIVELY helpful to me to make progress in my life.
  15. I've learned how problems no matter how big & severe are only temporary and eventually get solved. Wounds no matter how fatal eventually get healed.
  16. I've learned what to do when going through hell. Keep Going!!
  17. I've found how much the internet and the information can change a person's life.
  18. I've found how huge a role the politics and governments play in our lives.
  19. I've developed a concept of Angelic Devil and Devilian Angel. I am also familiar with Multiple discoveries that Liz Gilbert talks in her book.
  20. I've also learned how nature works. In a spectrum, transition kind of way. I've learned that equality is a myth and everyone is different and unique.
  21. I've learned the concept of paradox in nature. Two completely opposite ideas being right at the same time. 
  22. I've learned how everything is just an opinion and not the fact. The concept of relativity.
  23. I've learned how to THINK properly.

So, learned and found a ton of things. Still Strong!! Excited about what new discoveries and challenges are coming my way!!!

Thanks for reading!

Wish you Happy New Year!!

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