Value Bombs – Online Millionaire Summit

Just learnt three valuable things from the Value Bombs of #OnlineMillionaireSummit

1. “Why am I seeing this ad” on Facebook

I am interested in learning digital marketing for the last 5-6 months but it never occurred to me to click this handy little option.

One ad that I was seeing was from “Lurn” of Anik Singal. When I clicked why am I seeing this ad it showed me that I had previously provided them with my email that is why I was seeing that ad.

So Useful!

2. Keywords everywhere chrome extension

What a great tool!! Now along with every google search, I perform I can also see how many searches are going on per month for that same query.

I can also see the related keywords and their search volume in the sidebar. This helps me get an idea that there is a demand or interest for that particular keyword.

3. Info and ad section of any Facebook page

This was really the KILLER information for me. This alone is so valuable info because now I can see ads of all big multi-million or even billion dollars businesses.

Now since they are so big and have big marketing budgets they must have hired some really good FB ads marketeers. So we get to see LIVE what kind of language do they use, what is their creative, how many ads they have, the variants etc.

The Value Bombs really are the Value Bombs!!

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